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A clinically tested medical device

The University of Pavia, following various clinical and dermatological tests in its laboratories, released a positive testimonial on the use of the OTOSAN cone.
Therefore, thanks to continuous research into the quality and safety of the product, the OTOSAN cone has obtained the qualification of class one medical device.
Lady having ear treatment with otosan cone
Recommended by Doctors

In 1992, the "Riza Psicosomatica" magazine published an article which reported the results of a number of tests carried out by a group of doctors on the use of the OTOSAN ear cone. From this research it emerged that the cone may be efficacious in certain pathological conditions of the ear and principally on two very frequent complaints: the obstruction of the ear duct due to wax and otalgia during otitis. In the first case 15 adults were tested. They presented an abundance of earwax, or the actual formation of a plug, and complained of itchiness, difficulty in perceiving sounds, buzzing and hissing sounds. After the cone had been applied, all patients reported an immediate improvement of their symptoms and when examined using an otoscope a decrease in wax could be observed. In the second case 15 schoolchildren suffering from otalgia who had not taken pain-killers for at least six hours were considered. Most of the children reported a remarkable reduction in pain after only five minutes from the end of the treatment with the cone. At a test carried out two hours later the pain had not returned. As a result of these tests, doctors have formed a positive judgement on the use of the OTOSAN cone.
So what is the cone for?
Earwax Removal

It is a mixture of substances produced by the ceruminous glands of the ear duct to defend it against foreign matters (dust, insects, etc.). Nature, in fact, has foreseen that the epidermic layers of the ear move outwards from halfway along the eardrum membrane. During their motion, they mix with particular fats produced in the glands and so leave the ear in the form of earwax. When this "self-cleaning system" of the ear no longer works perfectly, a plug of earwax may form which, if not removed, can cause problems, irritation and even blocking of the ear duct. It can be the cause of reduced hearing, itchiness, whistling, buzzing, and also of momentary loss of balance.
Ear hygiene

According to a survey carried out in more than three hundred doctor's surgeries, it emerged that many people try to eliminate the "wax-plugs" with excessive cleaning or using violent methods, cleaning the ear duct with rubber syringes, chemical-based sprays, manually or with cotton buds. These methods may be dangerous, as the wax may be pressed further into the ear duct, blocking it completely and risking damage to the extremely sensitive membrane of the eardrum. This could open the way to the middle ear for bacteria which can cause serious infections.
OTOSAN has made available to everyone an ancient method by rediscovering this thousand-year-old practice and reviving an old country tradition.
As a result of heat, the
OTOSAN cone revitalises the blood circulation and recharges the ear with energy. The ear, according to the traditional Chinese medicine, is a "cold" organ. This provokes an immediate, widespread feeling of well-being.

The cone for the ear care has been known throughout the world from time immemorial. It was discovered that a similar method was used in Bolivia and by peoples who lived far apart such as the Hopi Indians and the Chinese who have always been very sensitive to natural remedies.

As well as from waxed cloth, the ear care cone was made from rolled tobacco or corn leaves in the past. The ear-cone was widespread in Italy, especially in the rural areas of Romagna, Veneto and Sicily.

More and more people are becoming aware that the quality of life is based on the relationship among the well-being of the body, the soul and the surrounding environment. This is why the OTOSAN ear cone is appreciated by many people from different cultures and backgrounds in various parts of the world.
The History
How it works
The OTOSAN cone is a natural method for practically looking after ear hygiene by yourself and without risk. This preventive hygienic practice gives a feeling of well-being and relief from the problem from the very first application. After placing the tapered end of the cone into the ear, the wide end is set alight. As it burns, the cone causes two effects:

The heat, which is beneficially released towards the inside of the ear, reinforces the blood circulation and helps soften the wax;

The warm air, which rises, creates a depression and consequent suction ("chimney effect") at the base of the cone. This helps eliminate waste and deposits from the ear canal. It also liberates close pores, regenerates the breathing of the skin, and helps regain the correct tension of the eardrum following holidays in the mountains, flights, swimming and diving which can cause that "blocked ear" feeling.
How it use Otosan ear cone
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